Janet’s Brown Ale Brewday

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I’m a big fan of The Brewing Network and their podcasts, especially Can You Brew it and Brew Strong. After listening to nearly every episode of both shows  it’s become very clear that Tasty McDole knows a lot about brewing and, especially, recipe formulation – an area that I still have a lot to learn about. Tasty is well known for his recipe Tasty’s APA and, of course, Janet’s Brown Ale.

Janet’s Brown Ale is an American Brown Ale that is a bit stronger/hoppier than most for the style, but that hasn’t stopped it from doing quite well at NHC (2004 Category 10 gold medal, imperial version 2009 Category 23 gold medal). The recipe is all over the internet – or in your copy of Brewing Classic Styles. The only change I made was using English Chocolate Malt (430L) as I couldn’t find a domestic chocolate malt close to 420L. I also plan to dry hop in the primary fermenter instead of a secondary, just because I almost always dry hop in primary. I had never mash hopped – will be interesting to see the flavor impact.

It’s long overdue, I’ve been wanting to brew this for about a year and just never squeezed it in – luckily my brewing partner Jay mentioned brewing a brown ale to end his brewing hiatus. Here are some pics of the brew session (brewed on 10/27). This ought to be a great fall/winter beer – plenty of body and some residual sweetness to go with the bitterness and hop flavor.



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