Unexpected result – Big River Brew Fest Homebrew Competition

Looks like the same IPA that took 2nd in the IPA category at the MN State Fair this year took home 1st place in category 14 and best of show (kind of hard to tell in the picture, but that’s got to be my name there with one extra ‘m’ in Remington):


Picture from Big River Brew Fest Homebrew Competition results on the Nordeast Brewers Alliance website (http://nordeastbrewersalliance.wordpress.com/)

This isn’t just the same recipe as the one entered at the state fair – it’s from the same batch brewed 6/2/12! I almost didn’t even enter it thinking it would be bad by now, I’ll have to check for more bottles, hopefully I have at least one left as I usually save one to read with the results. My Special Bitter didn’t place, but that was almost as old and I’m learning that it doesn’t taste too great beyond 3 months.
A big thanks to the Nordeast Brewers Alliance for putting this competition together.



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3 responses to “Unexpected result – Big River Brew Fest Homebrew Competition

  1. Thanks for entering Nathan! I got a taste of it after the BOS round. Good stuff! You should check out our brew club meeting this Thursday if you’re in the cities.

    • Thanks – I found a couple bottles and it still tasted pretty good. The flavors melded a lot better with age, but some of the hop aroma/flavor had faded, which probably helped since this was originally straddling IPA and IIPA categories. I probably can’t make it Thursday, but I’ll try for that or a future meeting – thanks

  2. Jim

    Congrats! BTW, that’s me there in 2nd place in the 100% Brett category. I’m not sure that it was “unexpected” so much as “no-frickin’ clue what might happen in this category”. Wish I was closer so I could have attended the event. Cheers.

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