Competition time

I’ve been bottling beers on and off all week for the Hoppy Halloween competition, as you can see below:

I’ll be entering 7 ales:
MacAulish – 09B Scottish Heavy 70/- brewed 8/18/12

Crichollow Mild – 11A Mild – brewed 8/23/12

Hamfast the Gaffer (Pliny clone) – 14C Imperial IPA – brewed 9/1/12

Butterbur’s Bitter – 08A Standard/Ordinary Bitter – brewed 9/8/12

Bagshot Pale- 10A American Pale Ale – brewed 9/13/12

Erebor Pale Ale – 14B American IPA – brewed 9/18/12

Bucklebury Bitter – 08B Special/Best/Premium Bitter – brewed 9/22/12

I think that the best beer of them all (and quite possibly the best beer I’ve brewed to date) is Hamfast the Gaffer, it should be right around it’s peak when judged (hopefully), it’s been tasting real good since about the 5 week mark. The Bagshot Pale and Erebor Pale Ale are also real good. The MacAulish turned out a little more bitter than I planned (subbed EKG for Northdown since I had some leftover), but I still think it will score well. The Mild just hasn’t cleared up much, I must have moved the keg around too much and the isinglass lost its effectiveness, but it tastes pretty good regardless – very bready/toasty with hints of chocolate and coffee. The ordinary bitter is ok, nothing too special especially since I brewed this with my beer engine in mind, but decided to bottle some for competition. Bucklebury Bitter is quite good as usual, it’s a bit young now, but should be at it’s peak during judging. I think all the beers are good, but Hamfast the Gaffer and Bucklebury Bitter are where I’d put my money to place followed by Bagshot Pale and MacAulish.
I’ll post updates after the results are posted (hopefully I’ll be reporting about the Brewhemoth conical I just won).

Bagshot Pale enjoyed while writing this


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